Jun 23

hahahahhahahahahahahahahhahaha  Read more

Jun 22

It was a technical marvel of a game on the PS4. The gameplay was good imo but the story was okay and it was ridiculously short

Jun 10

Hell, if they start doing this here in SC, I might actually start going back to the theaters. I haven't been since I saw Civil War in 2016 cause my anxiety has gotten so bad and I fucking hate crowds and feeling boxed in with all those people. 

May 28

These are the same type of people who will scream from the skyscrapers about being pro-life, but will give up on a kid with mental disabilities or of color because they can’t handle the responsibilities. Read more

May 26

Coffee Talk is so so so good, and I highly recommend it. The soundtrack is incredible and I would just lean back in my chair, headphones on, and just listen to it mix with the rain sounds

May 22

Why is he trying to emulate his crush with Trump by being so fucking orange in that header pic lmao

May 12

I’m very much glad to see that not only does Disney+ have Can of Worms, but that y’all included it in your list. It’s one of my absolute favorite childhood movies and it’s been a long time since I’ve been able to find it. I ended up buying it on YouTube as I haven’t yet subbed to D+.

May 11

“We are a peaceful group, and wish to keep it that way at all costs,” the statement continued. “We aren’t looking for a fight. We in fact, want the opposite. We want to put on a smile, shake some hands, and be friendly. An armed society is a polite society.”

May 6

huh, who would have thought that it would take a fucking pandemic for us to reduce carbon emissions and such.

May 4

rly need for New Mutants to finally fucking drop just based off the demon bear shot alone

Apr 30

lmfao fuck no. The last time I went to the theaters was to see Civil War 2016. I can’t be fucked to go anymore cause near crippling social anxiety