5/30/21 2:26PM

God it’s so bad. Even worse than the rest of G/O Media, and that’s saying something. The format is terrible. Every other site I just default to “Latest" but you either just can't do that, or if you can, it's fucking broken

4/07/21 9:07AM

This was me lol. It sat forever on my XboneS, having only barely started on the 2nd chapter. After it was announced that it was leaving GP, I loaded it back up in the last few days and ended up beating it yesterday. Read more

4/05/21 1:56PM

Huh. I had no idea about the announcement for the premium bit when they shifted to July. Read more

4/05/21 9:46AM

July lol. But they really should just go ahead and drop it on Disney+ as one of those premiere titles they're "experimenting" with

4/05/21 12:48AM

I wish the OG Xbox version of Stranger's Wrath was BC on XB1. I still have my copy 

3/03/21 5:04PM

This came out on Game Pass over a year ago, which is an impressive stay for a game on Game Pass. Read more

1/11/21 12:42PM

Well I know I'm gonna stick my dick in it. For science 

1/06/21 3:14PM

He was definitely shaky in the beginning of his role, and was also my favorite from the get-go aside from Miller, but fuck man if he ain’t owned the shit out of it since. That wise old street kid that still needs a morality compass. And his fucking charisma

1/06/21 2:47PM

It's interesting that while Nintendo will always be Nintendo in the game of console wars, they are playing with MS since the game has been changing 

1/06/21 2:16PM

Amos is and will forever always be my favorite character, but goddamn the chemistry between him and Peaches is so fucking good and organic. Read more

12/31/20 1:34PM

Zach has been like this since his season 2 recaps and it’s annoying. I come here to see what grade he’s given the episode, and then go to io9 read their recap

10/30/20 8:47AM

I think that's where they headed since Game Pass is their future 

9/14/20 3:52PM

I’ve always thoroughly enjoyed Troy Baker as a voice actor in TellTale’s Batman games, Tales from the Borderlands, The Last of Us, and Bioshock Infinite, but holy goddamn he brings a different level here with his version of a broken and battered Bruce Banner. Read more