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1:26 PM

I wanna kill this idea so bad my dick’s hard.

6:04 PM

Yeah, no, I cannot compute feeling “ire” at ever seeing a little girl who looks like this or having the nerve to compare this hairstyle—which looks like the girl just got out of soccer practice for fuck’s sake—to minstrel imagery.

7:01 PM

“...somehow managed not to convert to a wardrobe consisting of sweaters and triple-knit kufis in AKA colors...” took me OUT!

5:15 PM

Good for you!  Therapy has saved my emotional live over and over again.  Good luck to you. 

4:36 PM

Thank you for sharing your story. It reminds me very much of my own history with therapy (or counseling as they used to call it when I was forced by my parents to go). Read more

3:38 PM

“pops asked me if I’d be willing to attend a family therapist.”

Damn, that’s rare for a Black person to say let alone a Black male. You got a good father. I used to think therapy was unnecessary till one day a traumatic event popped in my head and I realized it was messing with my relationships and life. I asked my Read more

2:22 AM

Not only has being from rural Louisiana made an impact on his views on race but also he is 70 and my Daddy, before he passed, was 75... that was still a pivotal and volatile time for racism in the North and South. I will be honest- I don’t really know how I feel about your stepmom trying to convince you that you were Read more

3:43 PM

Lupe originally recorded Haile Selassie in 2014 (or possibly earlier - it was originally released back then) which would explain why it’s so good. Lately he makes music that is densely packed with lyrics but not palatable or all that sonically pleasing. I hope to see him return completely to form soon. First two Read more

12:32 PM

Oddly, when I think of Frida Kahlo, I’m more inclined to think unibrow than bold brow, but I think the bigger point is who owns a brow shape?

10:06 AM

Wait, are people NOT saying Beyonce is a genius? I am a dumpy middle-aged white dude, I am essentially an anthropomorphic pair of Dockers, and even I think Beyonce is a genius.

4:29 PM

I think the problem is just no one adopted the names when artists did try to distinguish themselves. There are sub-genres but outside of true hip hop fans, no one cares, so the names never stick. Chopped and screwed was a style. Gangsta rap was big for a while. People from Snoop’s camp legit had their own sound for a Read more

3:00 PM

Lil Yachty called it Bubblegum Trap. I’m ok with that definition. It’s true. It’s faux drug dealing music for kids with braces who need their Xanax fix to cope with their utterly suburban lives.

11:58 PM

I didn’t think they’d allow dudes from Chi-town on Christian Mingle - there’d be a whole bunch of ppl screaming “Y’all are heathens” and running away. Read more