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9:46 AM

Two thoughts:

1) You’re not wrong about Liam’s storyline having potential, but for me it’s about a lack of trust in the show to follow through in a meaningful way. The Obama moment, for me, was just too on-the-nose, and while it’s more subtle than the show’s other storytelling it still feels of the same cloth. Now, Read more

11:45 AM

I read the series as a tween myself, and have re-read it every year since. I can say this series is one of the reasons I decided to leave the Catholic Church at 16 and decided to explore other types of spirituality. I just finished The Secret Commonwealth and cannot wait for the next book as it deals so much with what Read more

9:32 AM

I read “La Belle Sauvage” when it came out two years ago, and found it a gripping adventure. Read more

11:55 AM

Binge watching this series on streaming services way after the fact instead of waiting and speculating week to week has probably enhanced my (and my girlfriend’s) enjoyment of the show. It’s kind of this awesome, casual, hangout show where you get to laugh along with these amazingly comedic actors and the awkward Read more

1:27 AM

Fair enough :) Just surprising given your previous blurbs about Master Q

12:22 PM

Thank you so much for your response! Reading my comment back, I know it was a little intense and really not even all directed at you. I’ve just been so aggravated with how the show has dealt with Ian for the past few seasons and it all came spilling out. I agree with what you’re saying. Cameron Monaghan seems to be Read more

9:01 PM

1) Of course! I was just stunned I didn’t have to read another “WHY is James Corden still a thing?” piece by someone who never watches the damn show. To actually get a well-thought and fair reading of a bit that (still!) lots of people have only seen a couple of times was great. Read more

1:22 PM

Agreed, the contrast in the Tonight Show chat was weird (especially since it aired - I think - a day after Carpool dropped). It could be Team Grande overanalyzing and wanting to “save” the Pete stuff for Fallon and focus Carpool on her singing. The whole thing has been weird - that “listening party” thing with the new Read more

5:39 PM

They’ve had a unique challenge where, at first it was very difficult for them to get anyone - especially anyone truly huge - to do the bit. It’s disarming, it’s outside of the artist’s comfort zone and representation’s full control. But now it’s gotten so big and has, as you note, as close to a guarantee of a massive Read more

4:32 PM

Since we’re on Max Martin, I honestly prefer Into You over either Shake it Off or Since U Been Gone, but I couldn’t figure out how to make a pun out of it. >_<

4:45 PM

“As I noted in the previous review, Frieda did notice Cindy’s note, and uses it to her advantage: that’s a detail that is stretched across two episodes, a bit of storytelling that really only works in binge form. If there was a week between these episodes, only a “Previously On” would have likely reminded us of that.” Read more

1:15 AM

The second trailer for the new season of OITNB shows Alex (though I think we should still be concerned about her fate long-term given the guard she kinda sorta murdered last season) Read more

11:37 AM

I was actually at EPCOT in 1996 when they were filming the Boy Meets World episode outside of the Living Seas.

11:26 AM

Don’t forget, way before Disney World in was King’s Island in Ohio. Both the Partridge Family and the Brady Bunch visited King’s Island: Read more