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Michael Walsh doesn't understand how the stock market works, but he can tell you all about Valyrian steel, Hogwarts, and the problems with time travel in Back To The Future.
9:51 AM

I came back and read this again after some time (3 months, can’t believe it), and I’m just more disheartened than I originally was. One of the mailbag responses points out that Jon’s parentage and the White Walkers were ultimately pointless. It’s absolutely true. GRRM made it abundantly clear that those were two Read more

5:53 PM

One man, alone, abandoned by his govt (and sanity).

3:11 PM

I’m setting the over/under at 15 years (assuming the novels are even done by then)

I mean... I know you’re right, but did you have to say it?

12:13 PM

If you told me back when the series was following the books more closely and was better quality (say season 3 or 4) that the end of Dany’s path was her giving into the darker qualities of her Targaryen bloodline and burning King’s Landing to ash i’d go “yep, okay, that makes sense. I see that happening after the Red Read more

11:36 AM

It’s so frustrating. Any criticism of the show (and there’s a LOT of it – the RT scores have tanked and that petition just cleared 400,000) is dismissed as “but it was FORESHADOWED only idiots couldn’t see that.” Of course it was foreshadowed as a possibility, but I never found the turn towards genocidal maniac at all Read more

11:31 AM

Read the column again. I’m sure some people are angry because they wanted Daenerys to be the good guy and win the game, but all the serious criticism i’ve read is about the execution, not the character turn per se. Read more

11:24 AM

I’ve noticed a real trend among the edge lords ever since this happened.  Not only are they heavy into the ‘we were right, you were wrong’ gloating and so forth, somehow it’s become a part of their identity that you MUST admit that they were correct all along and that you were lazy and never paid attention to the show Read more

12:18 PM

I could smoke a joint and take a bath in all the snark in this thread. It is substantially more logical and entertaining then the show. Read more

11:15 AM

Um, I thought the symbolism was actually pretty obvious around the White Walkers-global warming conclusion: Read more

9:04 AM

I mean, I don’t know how much clearer I can be about this (I also don’t know why people dance around making this point): If you support Donald Trump, you’re a bad person.