Murilee Martin
Sep 27 2010

Hey, I'm not disappearing off the face of the earth, so enough with the whining!

Sep 19 2010

@CraigSu: I got rid of the beard after working the New England LeMons race in 100-degree/100% humidity conditions. Will probably grow it back for the winter.

Sep 13 2010

@Clown Shoe Pilot: The Saturn guys lost 5 minutes messing around with their radio's helmet-mic hookup during a pit stop. That hurt them more than the black flag, since a team rolling in for penalty #1 on Sunday gets a quick wave-through in the Penalty Box. Read more

Sep 8 2010

Heads up, super-conservative Houston LeMons racers: I've got a Che flag to put on your car if you drive badly! Read more