Jake - Has Bad Luck So You Don't Have To
Jun 25
I don't like Lexus.

Between my IS300 and the LS400 I used to have... I just don’t really like this company all that much. Weirdly

May 18
Today was productive.

The Ducati is shockingly okay to work on. Forums/Facebook groups made carb removal out to be a massive hassle but,

May 1
2 wheels gud

We actually have single track parks in Kansas. They’re decent. Hit up the local one last night for the first serious

Apr 28
New wheels!

Spent my weekend stripping plastidip, prepping, and painting these RX7 16" wheels for my Miata. Of course, that went

Apr 23
What I've Been Up To

I don’t post here as much as I used to. Just so happens today’s video is a good wrap-up of my life lately. At least,

Apr 17
Free fixes FTW

That would explain my rattling hatch. Few seconds with a screwdriver and it was fixed right up! Also tossed in the

Apr 15
Two wheels good

Recently paid $350 on a whim for this Gary Fisher Tassajara and Trek so my wife and I could do mountain bike things.