Tyler Messer
Jul 11

At what point exactly was Hopper made aware that Mike lied to El? Hmm? And are we forgetting here that Mike only lied because Hopper MADE him? So how was he supposed to react? He handled the situation poorly. Because he never got experience on how to handle a teenage girl. Because his own daughter died. Which makes it Read more

Jul 11

Thank you very much, sir. This article, and others, infuriate me. Apparently Evan Rachel Wood finds it dreadful that Joyce even agreed to a second date because Hoppers behavior didn't warrant a second chance. As though it's Hoppers fault she stood him up without explanation. We all know Hopper is a loud and angry man Read more

May 9 2019

Okay. I don’t get you people who want to believe he COULDN’T wield the hammer in AoU. We watched literally everyone try and try and try, double team it, do all they could, and it never budged a millimeter. Yet, the second Cap barely touches it we see it wobble. He gives a few seconds of fake muscle tensing, like what Read more