Feb 26

My mistake, I don’t believe they’re officially married – just longterm partners with children.

Feb 26

My sister was actually friends with and in cheer with Francis’ wife, she’s from Edmond, Oklahoma. Just a regular okie girl, strange world.

Feb 5

Quicksilver poppin’ up in all the shows these days!

Oct 9

This is the most PG, Gossip Girl x Sex in the City YA novel mess I’ve ever seen and it’s exactly the amount of light-hearted escapist experience I needed this week.

Sep 3

Yep I’ve heard from several people that the University of Oklahoma is holding on for dear life until Sept. 28, I guess that’s when their refund deadline is.

Sep 1

There are some beautiful twitter threads that show off some side by side shots of show outfits and the fashion that inspired them – I highly recommend everyone admire: Read more

Jul 8

Your article is beautiful and clearly struck me because I had to write this. I never wanted kids because I watched how it broke my mother and I refused to let that happen to me. I feel like I’m too aware of the realities of motherhood to jump on that landmine, maybe my genetics didn’t come with the rose-tint for babies Read more

Jun 16

I would without hesitation frame any one of those, they’re gorgeous examples of illustration, painting and typography ugh.

Jun 11

I live in OKC, my cousin is Tulsa PD, and I need to go protest this DESPICABLE event. It’s horrific and so tone deaf it can’t be an accident. My husband is really stressed about me going because of Covid-19, especially because that event will be exactly two weeks after the majority of BLM marches started. I’m torn Read more

Jun 1

I went to a college advertising capstone presentation about 10 years ago, their ‘client’ was J.C. Penney. There were actual representatives from J.C. Penney there too, they were looking for innovative ways to bring back their relevance and it was interesting the variety of ways these students suggested improvements - Read more

Oct 31 2017

Troi and Riker reporting! For some reason I couldn’t find teal, pointy ankle boots:(