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Oct 14

The news quickly swept through the Jezebel newsroom, where I sifted through cries like: ‘Wait, the girl from Vanderpump Rules?’ Read more

Oct 4

Like I noted above, using something like dexamethasone on a covid patient who isn’t severely or critically ill can actually work against their recovery as the drug might suppress their immune system’s ability to fight the virus. Using it on someone who’s “doing very well” seems like it would be very risky! 

Sep 22

after some careful deduction (4 seconds) i believe the note said: i want penn bag to destroyyy my ass hole an pussy

Aug 30

I know better than to respond in good faith to someone who doesn’t demonstrate the same courtesy to me, but I believe it’s clear from the context of my comment that I was referring to long-term side effects—not temporary, normal side effects that only last for a couple days whenever I resume taking PrEP.

Aug 30

Yep! I figured. Like I said, I haven’t experienced any long-term side effects, so I don’t have anything to add on that front, and Im not informed enough about them to weigh in.

Aug 29

PrEP stands for “pre-exposure prophylaxis” and refers to the regimen of taking a daily pill to minimize your risk of HIV transmission—though colloquially PrEP = the generic name for the drug itself. Truvada’s just a brand-name for one of the two FDA-approved forms of PrEP available, like how Advil’s a brand-name Read more

Aug 29

Thank you for saying that last part! I’ve seen some horrible posts on social media trying to turn his decision to keep working over the past four years into some kind of bizzarro productivity fodder.

Aug 26

Linking Karen Pencer with “New Body”………………has the media gone too far.

Jul 12

That thought crossed my mind, too, but the blind item said that those couples were both white couples. The mystery continues…

Jul 12

Oh………my god……… You’re right……… This is absolutely going to happen…

Jul 5

I agree! It sucks I have to write like that to avoid getting sued for libel, and I wish I could comfortably use different language!

Jun 28

Not derailing! (I don’t know if it’s possible to derail a Saturday Night Social.) You’re right. There are only three episodes out right now—something I unfortunately learned after publishing this blog and finishing episodes two and three last night. I thought they were all out! :[