Harron Walker
Freelance contributor
Jul 12

That thought crossed my mind, too, but the blind item said that those couples were both white couples. The mystery continues…

Jul 12

Oh………my god……… You’re right……… This is absolutely going to happen…

Jul 5

I agree! It sucks I have to write like that to avoid getting sued for libel, and I wish I could comfortably use different language!

Jun 28

Not derailing! (I don’t know if it’s possible to derail a Saturday Night Social.) You’re right. There are only three episodes out right now—something I unfortunately learned after publishing this blog and finishing episodes two and three last night. I thought they were all out! :[

Jun 27

Americans are pretty awful to us, too, but here’s a good primer on why overt transphobia is more publicly acceptable among those who’d consider themselves politically left of center in the U.K. than it is over here.

Jun 27

Speaking of New York, I was very happy to read this report this morning confirming that the Black Lives Matter protests over the past month haven’t caused a spike in new coronavirus cases in NYC: Read more

Jun 27

I was disappointed with it! I thought it was going to be heady or intellectually provocative or something, given the hype, but it was just Saw with A24 aesthetics that barely managed to say that “heterosexuality is sometimes bad perhaps.”

Jun 22

Fair! I was trying to avoid saying some variation of “pregnant” again and chose a sloppy synonym that actually doesn’t mean that 1:1. For the record, I absolutely do not think that a fetus = a child.

Jun 21

I mean, after all of the dozens of countries the U.S. has interfered with over the past 100 years, I can’t say we don’t deserve it.