Today 3:57PM

Sky writing seems like a pretty stressful job.  You can’t just hit “backspace” if you make a typo.

Today 3:41PM

Yes. And the really frustrating thing is that so much of it is just conditioning. I know a lot of “these people.” A lot are idiots with bad character for sure, but I would argue that many, maybe even most, are not. They have just not started to break the conditioning that all of us are raised with. And the more Read more

Today 1:55PM

I know the GQP is lobbying for the Supreme Court to rule that “cancelling” should be deemed cruel and unusual punishment, but perhaps they’d be willing to make an exception; for his bad actions, let’s not elect, discuss or otherwise put Hunter Biden in a position of prominence.

Today 12:21PM

Maybe instead of insulting PoC for how they choose to label themselves you could just listen to them?

Today 12:05PM

White-passsing means just that. You pass for white in society as a whole. It’s not an insult. It’s a descriptive. There are Jews who pass for white such as those with European backgrounds and there are Jews who don’t, like black or Persian Jews. Some Jews are religious and some are Atheists who practice for cultural Read more

Today 11:56AM

I’m really hoping that the political environment gets a little less horrific, and Biden gets a second term, so we get a proper chance to enjoy how goofy he is. Under ordinary circumstances the President’s dog being sent back to Delaware for menacing a West Wing staffer would be hilarious (ditto the fact that Biden Read more

Today 11:53AM

I guess this is a good glimpse into the sort of joyless maniacs that watch Colbert in 2021. Dana Carvey is getting your dander up because he put on a gray wig and said “Listen, Jack”.

Today 11:53AM

Correction, Chu was the director of both movies.  I’m quoting from the article there.

Today 11:25AM

Trump murdered hundreds of thousands of Americans.

If you’re not angry, then you’re either stupid or evil, your choice.

Today 10:35AM

That wasn’t a bit. It was weird crazy uncle steamrolling “ONE MORE THING!” Stewart has always both-sidesed the wrong things, equating all scientists with a few irresponsible labs is stupid. Read more