7:38 PM

Luke failed during training multiple times on Dagobah. Yoda was particular to point out his self-doubt and anger. Read more

10:55 PM

I’m from Talcott WV.. home of the legend of John Henry and the Great Bend tunnel. Read more

8:48 PM

I won’t assume what part of the state you’re from, but I grew up in southern WV, New River valley. You’re right, not much changes but after moving to a more urban I miss a lot about my old home. Read more

2:19 PM

Neither of you read my other comments on an article making similar comparisons. It’s not a puritanical idealology I’m “regurgitating”. I have kids, oldest is now an adult. Their psychology isn’t the same as an adult, not even comparable. I see a problem with folks lumping the dichotomy of life and death in with the Read more

4:05 AM

Commenters.. this isn’t about sexual content, it’s about the nature of the content. And stop making comparisons to violence in media. It’s not the same thing, it’s not subject matter that’s processed internally in the same manner, and that particular correlation needs to be dropped altogether. They are fundamentally Read more

6:26 AM

It would help if I replied to the right article, which is hard to do on a phone sometimes when everything is inline and you don’t know it’s not done loading a page. Read more

5:59 AM

Would anyone buy these sequels/spinoffs/derivatives if they just removed the Call of Duty from the title? Read more

9:25 PM

The Beastie Boys are one of the original hip hop groups that helped popularize the genre when it was still ultra young. They helped institute the culture. No one disputes their place in music. Almost no one anyways.

9:31 AM

I forgot to say, that was a very well made video and discussion. A lot of us parents wish there were more thoughtful arguments made in this vein

11:10 AM

I think it’s good to explore these concepts the way you have in the video/article, but as a fellow parent and someone who grew up in a period when violence in games garnered far more controversy than sex in games is now, I will never agree with using the two subjects for comparison in a debate on censorship. Read more

4:06 PM

GTA online ruined GTA online from the day it went live.

10:39 PM

I keep seeing “Orwellian” in the comments. Maybe they are just cutting him out of any future residual pay for the work? If he doesn’t get anything for reruns then I don’t know, that’s where it becomes weird.

6:10 AM

What a fucking prick. I’d say mom and dad are proud, except ignoring him as a kid is probably why he behaves that way.

5:54 AM

My son is very into competitive Smash Bros. Melee. Here is the difference to most people, at the perception level. Armada (poster child for the pros) pulls out of tournament because he can’t find a properly glitching controller to perform a certain move. VS any league minimum salary paid no-name football player Read more

10:12 AM

I don’t mean to sound cold, but the terms of service are available to comb through before you even boot the game initially. They’re posted on the web site. You have to agree to terms to use the software, and it explicitly states you don’t own anything. It sucks but that’s how it goes. Read more

11:30 PM

I suppose it’s too early to bring up the potential matchmaking issues that could occur due to those who utilize microtransactions for a leg up getting peppered in with those who don’t, to encourage purchases via indirect peer pressure? It’s the exact same system employed by casinos for their slot machines. I wouldn’t Read more

4:49 PM

Worst online experience I’ve ever had in any game. First time I tried it I was murdered non-stop by various players to the point that I couldn’t do any of the open world activities, such as walking or driving a car for more than 30 seconds. The absolute epitome of “if you don’t have friends who play it, you have Read more

4:38 PM

So it’s kinda like Super Mario Bros... die too much and you have to start over. Sounds like the metered checkpoints are basically your 1ups. I never had a problem with that when I was 6. Granted you could finish it pretty quickly, but still.. if you didn’t have the skills and memory you saw the first level many times Read more

8:33 PM

This is the trend in basically all online games nowadays, at least all that I have played. There is very little sense of comraderie or even ethics. I don’t know if it’s boredom and not having a clue as to what the world can offer outside of video games, lack of real social interaction, or what, but I do know that Read more