guitar and music and noise

It seems that every week or so, I hear some new singer-songwriter-band with their hands out, wanting people to check out their sound, hear their message, *get* what they’re saying.

They don’t understand that there are people who’ve heard the message already, many many times, starting-a long time ago.

I really feel…

On Daily Living

I have these sorts of days when I don’t want to do even the things I ought, the ones that have become disciplines, or rituals.

Like today, I am really in a ‘I don’t give a shit’ mode. I can’t even be bothered to comb my hair. Getting coffee was an ordeal because I had to wait 2 minutes for the water to heat.

But now I…

The Hardest Life Hack

The following, I don’t do much,
still the advice is good, as such.

I heard it somewhere, as did you,
and though I’ve lied, these words are true:

We hope someone will have it rough?
we suffer first, strangely enough.

Our inner self becomes the worse,
scorched as it is, by our own curse.

Let them ALL go, and wish them well—

"h" is for "hidden"

I noticed this pint sized Windows feature the other day while I was applying the Hidden attribute to some of the more (artistic) photos in my collection. Yeah let’s go with that. You can choose a file(s), then get their Properties panel with a right-click and the letter “r”, then tap the letter “h” for “Hidden” <—- no…

"Simple Music Player"

I’ve been trying a paired-down mp3 player app for audio books on a Nexus 7 tablet. Link at the bottom.

There are probably tons of other minimal players to choose from but this seems good enough for the purpose.

I can get the tablet to play books for about a day and 6hrs on a charge, a day and 18 hrs if “battery saver”…


Google Photos - shortcuts

If you sometimes use Google Photos from a browser, and click on an image to open it, Shift+D should Download the original photo (not the thumbnail), and there is Shift+R to Rotate.

I wish there were more shortcuts, but the ‘download’ one is handy. Works in Firefox. I’d bet 7000000000000 internets that it will work on…