7/30/20 7:43PM

OKC is still the craziest thing from the season of NBA that happened decades ago in March. 40-24?!!? When they traded away Russell and got old man CP3 (for the likely purposes of trading and doing a rebuild year) not ONE person on Planet Earth could have told you they would be 40-24... Read more

7/30/20 10:40AM

As a white male, I have worked with and for some remarkable black women.  But, the same can be said for white men.  It is a competitive world out there.  It is also not a joke that if your first five years of life provide the security of a two parent home, voluminous language transfer and experiential data...those Read more

7/30/20 8:32AM

You know all those zingers about white people not seasoning their food enough and like, putting fruit in things would sting a lot more if we didnt see you guys dropping like flies in your 30s and 40s from heart disease and complications from diabetes and obesity.

7/28/20 11:11PM

What do you do if your tax return is in IRS limbo? Situation. Filed 2019 and was told that I needed to submit another document (the ACA reconciliation). That has to be filed by mail and not electronically since I’ve already filed electronically. I sent it mid March. From my understanding, it’s probably in a giant semi Read more

7/28/20 5:32PM

Lol I’m Indian American so, your complaint about including curry powder in the tater salad would actually be falling on the right ears. Read more

7/28/20 1:31PM

And to put it another way,  Shit looks gross. And stop calling everything on bun and warm, a burger. Call it what it is, a grilled watermelon sandwich. Calling it a “burger” makes people think its like a real burger.

7/24/20 12:14PM

If I recall, Gizmodo used to be exclusively a tech blog back in 2010 when I started reading it. It’s become an increasingly toxic dark corner of the internet to the point where I almost exclusively get my tech news elsewhere.

7/24/20 11:17AM

Leaving out the sisters multiple contradictions in her testimony is disappointing but not surprising at this point. Who do you think will play Mera in Aquaman 2?

7/24/20 10:17AM

This site is one step above 100% sponsored content. No wonder everything sounds like it’s written by edgy high schoolers.

7/24/20 9:28AM

Can’t expect anything less from Novak. He can’t write to save his own life, and he literally can’t publish a blog post without crying about Trump. Oh, and he’s a little bitch in the comments section too.

7/24/20 9:14AM

Seriously. Can you keep your post millennial political rants to yourself for once? Literally no one cares and is tired of hearing it. I wonder how far in the echo chamber you must be where this kind of thing seems normal to you.

7/24/20 8:18AM

Every article about everything doesn’t need little “I hate Trump” asides from the writer.

7/24/20 2:26AM

Reddit really is the place to go for the everyman to see one part of the soft underbelly of the Internet, but I would not call it the nadir of the Internet either. For that, you’d have to be ballsy, on a burner computer, on a VPN, with Tor browser, and then access the darkweb. THERE is where you will really find the Read more