Mortal Dictata
Oct 16

I cannot explain how hard Biden winning the rating war against Trump made me laugh. Especially because normally I don’t think that really matters that much, but Trump has made his ratings such a source of pride that this has to hurt him so bad. What probably makes it even worse is that the general consensus on Biden’s Read more

Oct 8

Exploited the willfully ignorant into... displaying their horrific prejudice. Revealing who you really are isn’t the the exploitation he’s talking about.

Sep 30

Yeah it’s the simplest trick in the book. It’s a fucking strawman (which isn’t just about inventing imaginary opponents like the crazy radical feminist that supposedly plague today’s movement but also inventing imaginary arguments). He acts like the argument was “she has no right to hold this opinion” instead of “this Read more

Sep 29

I’m a fuddy duddy and I never loved the Notorious RBG meme because it seemed to trivialize an accomplished woman in a way that turns me off. That said, given we the left made such hay of that meme, the only criticism we can really levy here without being hypocrites is that it’s not creative or original.

Sep 29

A GOP “friend” of mine posted a rant last night about how NO ONE should be questioning ACB’s: clothing, hair, parenting style, age, health, height, marital status, law degree, work/life balance, etc. He posted that without a fart of irony. Read more

Sep 29

Jesus god does Gillian Anderson look like Margaret the milk snatcher.  I'm sure she'll do a wonderful job but god I hate that woman.

Sep 29

Yeah, as I said above I have a 2080ti and a 3950x and while I haven’t had crashes I get some major FPS drops on certain areas of the map as others have described. Hopefully they were able to address some of the technical bugs this patch too

Sep 21

All of this. I loved RBG and wish she could have lived forever. But knowing she wasn’t going to, it would have been fucking nice for her and the people who were urging her to stay on to realize that even as excellent as her minority opinions always were, she was ultimately less useful to the causes she cared about Read more

Sep 19

Continuing the theme of 2020 being a kick in the teeth, my dog Lori died this morning. It was one of those pet deaths that was both unexpected and entirely unsurprising. She was an old lady of 15: blind, one eyed (thanks to a corneal ulcer that wouldn’t heal when she was 13), partly deaf, arthritic, had cushing’s

Sep 18

I am just going to say this but she should have retired in 2014 when the Dems still held the Senate and she knew she had end stage pancreatic cancer. She was an icon but that doesn’t mean she didn’t fuck us totally by not stepping down. 

Sep 16

Agreed. Even the Switch had to wait a few months for Breath of the Wild to come out. I think the previous generation will continue to be pretty strong for a few years until the top tier games start to land (exclusively) on the new consoles.

Sep 14

My single experience with EA’s customer service was canceling a digital preorder for Old Republic, after more (physical) CE’s became available. I called their phone number expecting the worst, and was talking to a live human being in about a minute, and they had me refunded and off the phone around 3 minutes or so. I Read more

Sep 14

“They say if you go into an abandoned women’s restroom late at night and say ‘trans women are women’ three times in front of the mirror, she will appear and hand you a 10,000 word essay about how trans people endanger children!