Mortal Dictata
Oct 20

This was made for me, being big fans of these guys for years now and contribute to their Patreon.

Oct 13

I mean I don’t like it but given how the “latest” tab is easy to access it’s hardly the worst of G/Os many dumb mandated changes to fix problems that didn’t exist.

Oct 12

Depends on the game but probably mostly Western ones due to how obnoxious and overly-complicated JRPGs historically could be (plus some of their content to this day is... questionable). But the best Western made but more Japanese style RPG I ever played (and no one else did it seems) was Summoner 2.

Oct 9

There’s a giant space between “live services” and no support whatsoever. Games have been getting addons without being a live service pile of crap for more than a decade.

Oct 9

Aaaaaand EA have already dropped all support for the title because no one bought it and the reviews were decent but not amazing. Read more

Oct 8

So many people really are still defending this fictional character whose plotline line is becoming a Nazi because woman wouldn’t fuck him, perfectly happy to have a kid murdered except when he finds outs it’s the one birthed by woman who wouldn’t fuck him, spends years torturing said kid because other man got to fuck Read more

Oct 7

People talk about videogames being sports in the same vein as the olympics but to me it will always be closest to chess. Read more

Oct 6

It’s like watching an emulator attempting to increase the graphical resolution of a late PS2 game.

Oct 5

The cancelling of Santa Clarita Diet stopped any belief in their business model. That show was one of the most interesting sitcoms of the last few years, and the last show to do anything interesting with zombies but it still got canned just as the show’s world got larger. Read more