6/12/21 3:16PM

Sometime in the 2040s, America will switch from majority-white to an ethnic plurality. Americans under 18 are already there. Read more

6/11/21 4:17PM

So many triggered racists. Die mad about everything, losers.

6/08/21 3:58PM

“I care about what’s happening at the border,” Harris contended, the Daily Beast reports. “I’m in Guatemala because my focus is dealing with the root causes of migration. There may be some who think that that is not important, but it is my firm belief that if we care about what’s happening at the border, we better Read more

6/07/21 2:36PM

This *is* Trump we’re talking about. He’d claim he meant to do it and keep wearing his pants backwards from then on. 

6/07/21 1:23PM

Can we not just let this be a good story? Getting judgemental about the choice of charity receiving the customers’ goodwill seems petty.

6/05/21 6:26PM

“Despite some $3,000 in damage done to her store—which I’m damn sure hoping someone whose last name is not Bonnett will be paying for—Bonnett said she has no plans to close up shop.” Read more

6/05/21 7:02AM

As if Coke is going to notice they didn't sell half a dozen cans there this month.

6/04/21 9:36PM

I used to weigh 455. I got down to 260 and I have mostly kept it off for 10 years now and have continued to slowly gain weight year after year despite working out 6 days per week and eating right. Read more

6/04/21 6:01PM

If they really wanted to stop the drought you’d think they’d go full bible, sin until they’ve angered god and wait for the flood to come.

6/04/21 9:33AM

Fair point.  We like to take sides; maybe that’s a human thing.  But sometimes it’s better to just sit on the sidelines and watch the dumpster fire.

6/01/21 4:16PM

It is possible to filter search results by custom date range if you click Tools and proceed to do so. Read more