Molly Osberg
Molly Osberg is a Senior Reporter with G/O Media.
10:59 AM

Thank you for this, I have spent all morning looking for a website to tell me who won last night’s game.

12:21 PM

Also the hat is dumb. Does she think she’s an Arby’s? 

9:14 AM

Stick to politics, Barry. Nobody wants to read about a team that wasn’t good enough for Philly or KC.

12:20 PM

They may yet (try to) do that! That they haven’t already done it is entirely attributable to fear of our union, not any admirable qualities on their part. Read more

3:05 PM

A Little Life imprinted on my soul like no other book has ever done. I don’t know how to describe it to people and I hesitate to recommend it because it is so tragic, but it’s also so beautiful and I loved it so much.

2:03 PM

Blood Meridian is a once a year habit for me. Its some of the most terrifying and beautiful writing ive ever read. 

1:35 PM

You’ve perfectly summed up why I quit reading Stephen King as a teenager and reminded me of the boys in my AP-English class who all wrote their junior research papers on “The Stand,” and the teacher letting them. Read more

1:00 PM

My summer bummer this year has been A Little Life. 800 pages of tragedy porn that I just could not put down.

12:50 PM

This article reminds me I need to re-read The Stand. I have the 1150 page version and I liked it, but it’s been a while since I finished it, so I wonder how my perception of the book will change with time. I’m looking forward to the new miniseries, though.

7:32 PM

ARGH - I tried to take multiple versions of the pill for about 20 years bc I bought into the BS that I needed it.

It’s one of those medications that worked for almost everyone I knew, but I would get psychotic and violent on screaming at random people for perceived slights and having intrusive thoughts about Read more

5:16 PM

There are different issues here. They’re valid to be discussed as one big lump, but valid in their individual points, too. What The Pill has done is incredible, but to dismiss the concerns of many (or a few - their concerns are still valid - human bodies are not one size fits all!) is to ignore so much. Read more

5:15 PM

This sort of vague, anecdata driven complaint sounds a lot like what got the whole wellness/power of positive thinking movement jump started in America in the nineteenth century. Barbara Ehrenreich’s Bright-Sided does a nice dive on the history of the middle class people who suffered from all sorts of “nervous Read more

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6:45 PM

I was one of those children. Not who was abused by a teacher, but when I reported an assault to McGrew he threw me out of his office after saying some horrible things. That night changed my world and I go public until decades later with the truth (I did tell a teacher at a new school, they told my parents, my parents Read more

7:00 PM

I attended the Hill School in Pennsylvania in 1998 (the first year of coeducation)—- What an ungodly mess! In between the pre-existing male on male student hazing rituals (rolling naked boys up in sheets and mattresses and dropping them out windows, broomsticks, blindfolds, masturbation weirdness etc) and Read more

2:52 PM

I think in your first article about Tia, it was mentioned they had a “trained psychic” on board. Not an untrained psychic, mind you, but a trained one. Read more