Molly Osberg
Molly Osberg is a Senior Reporter with G/O Media.
Sep 11

wonder if any of the consultants helped her craft this brutal own of a tweet 

Jun 4

appropriate that the vaping lobster sea goddess may be the last lobster sea goddess :( 

Mar 17

i totally fucked that one up, cinnamon toast is right under 8, Cheddar and apples on toast and above 9, Gravy on toast.

Mar 17

for my purposes I wanted to evaluate the actual food as a category rather than brand names or flavors! So assume everything on this list is made with the worst possible ingredients. We’re rationing, baby. 

Feb 27

I think I can say with some certainty I am vastly more mortified than you were annoyed. I was a copy editor in another life! I really do appreciate you bringing it to my attention so quickly, though.

Feb 13

I think it’s useful to ask what number we as, like, a country or a class of people, consider “acceptable” or “reasonable” for significantly better care. 200 a year? 300 a year? 100? How do we come to that number? Why? Who is deciding? Also worth noting One Medical is currently venture funded and not a profitable Read more