Another Day, Another Man Successfully Alleging Discrimination Against Men in Higher Education 

Last week, as first reported by the St. Paul Pioneer Press, the University of Minnesota Twin Cities removed gender-specific language from one scholarship and is putting another “under review.” The school is the most recent institution over the last few years to bend to pressure from men’s rights activists, who argue…

Massachusetts Is an Unlikely Battleground for the Future of Trans Rights, But Here We Are

Whatever I expected from the voters of Massachusetts, it certainly wasn’t this middle-aged man in a tank top, leaning on his half-open screen door and gazing into the middle distance as he delivered a stirring speech about people born with the “soul of the woman.” Actually, he told a pair of animated canvassers right…

The Media Tried To Game The Machines and You'll Never Guess What Happened Next (Facebook Won)

Just five years ago, not only was it possible for a reputable outlet to flatly characterize Upworthy—a website that didn’t make much but a system for testing what drew clicks on Facebook—as the “fastest-growing media company of all time,” but it happened more than once. By 2013, a year after its founding, Upworthy had

Activist Fighting ‘Anti-Male Bias’ on Campus Really Doesn’t Wanna Talk About His Old Harassment Suit

Over the last few months, the Department of Education’s civil rights division has opened a set of unusual investigations into Yale and the University of Southern California over what has been described, in various outlets, as “affirmative action for women” and “a toxic environment against men.”

The investigations…