American Horror Story celebrates Halloween early, reminding you never to eat the apples


Three episodes into season eight, and everybody’s dead. I guess AHS did give fair warning; this is the Apocalypse season, after all. This week was all about revelations—Ms. Mead is, in fact a robot. Mallory has some kind of witchy fire power Langdon sees as a major threat (you’ve really got to scare the anti-Christ to…

American Horror Story is back with our worst nightmare, which just isn’t that scary


Welcome to the world of American Horror Story: Apocalypse. And… now it’s gone. After last year’s so topical it hurts tale of political outrage and the terrifying rise of angry men on the internet, this year’s story of total annihilation seems like the natural conclusion, and should feel just as timely. Instead, it…

American Horror Story: Cult ditches alternative facts for alternative history


Shows have been accused, rightly so, of increasingly creating “fan service” episodes, appearing to pick storylines (or at the very least, sexual tension) right from the pages of a Tumblr blog. This week’s AHS—at least the very extended flashback to the ’60s and ’70s—definitely seems like a piece of fan fiction, ripped…