2:42 PM

I mean, it obviously looks much poorer on the switch, but as somebody who has grown up playing video games since I was a toddler with an NES, pristine graphics are not really that essential to me in most circumstances (especially not on a Nintendo console). I’m also lead to believe that the console versions of this Read more

12:36 AM

“Oh, hey, that’s really impressive! I didn’t even know that the Game Boy had that technol—”

11:54 AM

You can cool it on shitting on a little kid, who for all intents and purposes—even if he wasn’t the intended audience—was right. The first Assassin’s Creed has pityingly little to do outside of the main storyline, which the Devs agreed on, and the game would’ve been criticized for it. Read more

11:19 AM

I saw someone once refer to the original AC as a glorified tech-demo and in hindsight I see what they mean. At the time those graphics, the ability to climb on almost anything, and the crowds were really impressive but the novelty eventually wore off and there wasn’t much to do even with the sidequests.  With the Read more

4:18 AM

As someone who doesn’t like anime, none of these seem even remotely interesting to me.

The number one thing I care about in TV is writing and delivery quality. The background events, the plots, whatever; if the writing and delivery isn’t good, I’m hard out. I’ve seen a few episodes of some of these shows (first two Read more

1:44 AM

Can we all agree that the “anything 2:Boogaloo" gag isn’t funny anymore? 

5:47 PM

Not to be THAT guy, but I did totally beat the game on my Genesis way back when. I was super excited, and got this game as a gift. I can’t remember which holiday. Yes, the monkey puzzle is utter bullshit. I think I would just brute force it. Another callout is the falling logs section of Hakuna Matata. Its probably Read more

5:37 PM

...But if you do make it to adult Simba there is a ‘Maul’ button. More games should have a maul button.

7:38 PM

You can also press R + L + Start on an N64 controller to recalibrate. I figured this out because of how many N64 Demo stations were offset back in the 90s.

11:22 AM

Honestly? I think I feel a little nauseous lol. There’s A LOT going on in that video. I feel like someone tied me to the end of a bungee cord and started throwing me into a tornado with strobe lights and fireworks attached. Read more

7:22 PM

But of course! I understand completely. <wink> Read more

But of course! I understand completely. <wink>

4:44 AM

This is all highly accurate and I agree with all of it. I especially like how you titled the post ‘Five Best FF Games’ and then listed FFX as the sixth game, clearly indicating it is not one of the best FF games, which is also accurate.

This is all highly accurate and I agree with all of it. I especially like how you titled the post ‘Five Best FF

3:44 PM

Haven’t grabbed this game yet, but every screenshot I’ve seen looks it it the text is far too small to be seen on anything other than a desktop screen directly in front of me. Read more

11:36 AM

The real trouble with handheld devices isn’t their limited battery life, or how fragile they can be, it’s the physical exertion required to hold them in your hands for hours on end.” Read more

2:09 PM

Same, FFVIII is in my top games of all time, but the gameplay hasn’t aged very well. The magic system is pretty tedious, I don’t have the time to sit there drawing from creatures for an hour every time I encounter a new spell. Read more

6:49 PM

“giving players a chance to relive (or finally experience) the game that inspired countless imitators.” Read more