Jan 10 2019

Hmmm, so yo’re saying that you know if someone belongs to a group of people you don’t like based on how they look? There’s a word for that, I think...

Not to diminish the assholes ref’s despicable words and deeds, mind, but it’s a slippery slope to start judging people on appearances alone, don’t you think?

Nov 29 2018

I think Ant Man would have to delve into the quantum realm to find a violin small enough to play for Paulie Doughnuts here...

Sep 21 2018

How it all BEGUN?

me fail English? That’s unpossible!!

Sep 5 2018

By Pixar, you mean “Blue Sky Studios”?

Jul 22 2018

Republicans are Fucking Evil. Traitorous, vicious, vindictive, vile scumbags, the lot of em. They are the enemy of all that is good and the single greatest threat to America. They have to be stopped or we will all soon be living in a version of the future that will make The Man in the High Castle seem like Utopian Read more

Jun 28 2018

so why the fuck is that ugly prick on camera if that’s his criteria?

Jun 8 2018

why would his family accept the pardon? In doing so, they’d be admitting his guilt when in reality his conviction was overturned and therefore he was not guilty of committing any crime... Read more

May 29 2018

I took those questions to be a test on Williams part to make sure she was not a duplicate of his real daughter

May 17 2018

Maybe Lando has long harbored ambitions to be administator of Cloud City and is working his way towards his goal and keeps a memento around to remind him of his dream job?

May 17 2018

this isn’t incompetency, it’s aggressive criminality with abject disregard for human suffering designed to enrich sociopathic scumbags

May 2 2018

Nah, the beat up grungey version looks better. This one looks like it was designed by an apple fanboi... Read more

Apr 18 2018

I hope you get rectal cancer you complete and utter fuckstick.

Mar 16 2018

I think Cap is gonna buy the farm in this one...

Feb 21 2018

Confirmation Bias will kill us all. I’ll fight anyone who says otherwise!!

Feb 7 2018

The same ref got Green ejected. Fuckers probably on the take from the cavs..

Jan 8 2018

Just what the world needs, another subservient, female robotic assistant.

Dec 17 2017

Trump will still get to rile up anti muslim sentiment and accuse female senators of being whores, though, right?