Matthew Buzzi
Sep 5 2014

No, but I've met people who don't think that Majora's Mask is the best Zelda, yet I still find it in my heart to believe they're good people. It's tough.

Dec 10 2013

There's only two things I hate in this world. People who are intolerant of other people's cultures and the Dutch.

Dec 1 2013

And then they arm and armour them. And then in a bid to increase the rollout of the service and make it cheaper, they hand control over to GPS controlled AI routines. And then to save money further they lapse on the upkeep of essential subroutines. It is taken for granted. Read more

Nov 13 2013

Well, for starters, the headline would be "No, The Xbox One Doesn't Have A 'Wobbling' Problem."

Nov 5 2013

It all goes according to plan until you hit "run" and it says "could not escape". Then your setup catches fire from the extra computation required, the house burns down, your wife leaves you for the neighbor (with a shiny Mewtwo), and your boss fires you for lacking motivation...

Nov 4 2013

This is bullshit. Everyone knows the memory isn't the issue. What is happening is the external hardware connectivity grid (EHCG) was modified by the Xbox after initial launch specs were adjusted. If the Xbox incorporates a new core remodeling node, which will be able to sync the two vectors together, all should be Read more

Nov 1 2013

Maybe I've just been "trained" for games with these situations, but I thought this was a no brainer. Any game where there's an option to upgrade your influence or talking skills, I always give it a one or two point boost per level. By the time I was at this point in the game, I easily talked Wrex down. Read more

Sep 4 2013

Age of Mythology and expansion Age of Mythology: The Titans

Jul 27 2013

Telling the other guy to kill himself was a bad move on Fish's part, but given how viciously and relentlessly Beer was attacking him, especially on a personal level, I can't really say I blame him.

Jul 2 2013

See, all my town is filled with awesome people. Everyone who started the town is cool, and a bunch of the people who moved in were awesome. I was p. pleased, until one day, Quillson moved in.

Quillson is a dumb duck that sucks and doesn't even know what he wants. I mean, look at him. What theme is he going for in Read more