Mar 3 2017

I missed the Asian club orientation on Oriental cleansing rituals. I hope it involves exfoliating towels!

Mar 3 2017

I bet activism groups are already planning on some kind of Asian Ritual Day where every GOP legislator gets 900 Asian Americans yelling at them.

Nov 17 2016

“I want to destroy you for your own good. Why can’t you see that, you ungrateful little shit that I effectively disowned.” Read more

Sep 7 2016

The urge to just explain shit to white people can be really overwhelming sometimes, because it feels better to think that they don’t understand rather than accept the reality that they do and just want to act like racism isn’t there or doesn’t matter. It’s taken me a while to get over the fact that so many people who Read more

Sep 6 2016

She buys groceries?! I assumed her sustenance came from turning her head 180 degrees and eating the face of her partner during copulation.