Mike Bebernes
12:24 PM

I watched the ESPN doc on Mestre with my brother, a commercial diver. As Mestre's coming to the surface, my brother says, "He's going to die" and explains what Mestre is doing wrong. Read more

5:01 PM

I've written stories for both Fightland and Vice. Never got a hint of any of this stuff. Not saying it's not there. Just that it's not super pervasive.

1:04 PM

Remember this all comes from one clinic based in Miami. A lot more likely that Caribbean players would head to a clinic more close to home. I do believe there is a race component to who gets suspended, but this case probably isn't an indicator.

3:35 PM

I watched a woman put the stem of a crystal Bordeaux glass straight through her palm and out the other side.

8:26 PM

Thanks for the info. I've been interested in the Cup ever since I wrote a story about angry Marina citizens fighting the retrofitting of the harbor for the event way back when I was in J-school at SF State. I'll give the interview a read.

7:43 PM

What did he say that was incorrect? I'm not challenging you, I just don't know enough on the subject to disagree with his statements.

6:46 PM

Looks like Times has been listening to Hang Up and Listen. The guys brought in sailing expert Bruce Knecht for their May 20 podcast. Great listen. (starts at 27:49) Read more

3:21 PM

As a long-time Clippers fan, I'm in a unique position I don't know how to handle. This past post-season is the first time I have ever been disappointed by my team. You have to have expectations before you're disappointed. The same goes for the Chris Paul situation. Good players leave the Clippers. It's just what Read more

2:02 PM

He's clearly talking about 30 for 30 getting beat out by the Showtime doc on Army/Navy football. He had half of the nominees in the category and lost. His discontent isn't surprising, especially you throw the argument about his enterprises being so new. Showtime isn't exactly HBO when it comes to original content.

3:30 PM

The core reason everything went haywire was that the Clippers were at a 37-14 free throw disadvantage when Paul got his first technical. Shotty officiating for the entire game created a situation that was answered with shotty officiating to get the game back in control.

12:43 PM

Actually, you're probably right. Those electrical socket in the background is Australian.

12:35 PM

He was great, until Tony Allen made him completely irrelevant for the rest of the game. It was awesome to watch an offensive savant and a defensive stud each have their own stint of dominance.

12:50 PM

I'm actually less offended by Chris Paul's flop. He tried to draw a call away from the ball, stayed on his feet and the game was able to continue. The flops I hate are the ones in which the flopper creates a scenario where the ref is forced to make a call one way or another. They stop the game cold. It's easy to Read more

10:58 AM

Thank you for the compliments. I tried to show both sides. Yes, they're sympathetic human beings, but they also do have personal feelings that inform how they act on the court. Read more

6:00 PM

Thank you. You'd be surprised to see some of the stuff my classmates are putting out.

5:59 PM

One thing I think is worth mentioning is that everyone involved is watching for this stuff too. Supervisors know which coaches/teams an official has beef with. If it's seen to possibly affect how they may officiate a game, that ref won't be scheduled to work with that team again.

4:53 PM

There are refs who want to be seen and be the story (see Ted Valentine), but Robinson isn't one of them. I was just illustrating that they're not a cave you can just shout criticism into and expect a clean slate the next time they see you.