Feb 23 2016

I really don’t think this new grille improves upon the previous one on any level. I actually quite like the current Bentley grille, it’s not too big and looks both traditional and sporty, which really suits Bentley. This one is much too Rolls-Royce wannabe for my taste.

Feb 5 2016

I suppose hating on the inexplicable hit sitcom The Big Bang Theory for portraying nerds poorly is like hating the birds for singing: it’s just what they do

Oct 1 2015

“I did it because people wanted to read it, and because it was important that they did.” - Wouldn’t the complete and utter a) inaction on the part of political change re: guns b) 100% likelihood of another mass shooting in a month or two (or sooner) belie this statement? I mean, let’s be honest with ourselves, does Read more

Oct 1 2015

You know how y’all love laughing with Marshawn Lynch as he trolls the media, lamenting the fact that sports journalism has descended to such depths that sports reporters really can’t ask a worthwhile question? Read more

Sep 8 2015

No safety gear and possibly no helmet. Dude’s wearing a fucking flannel shirt going 70mph. Moron.

Jul 7 2015

First, in a crowd, you’re not entitled to a zone of protection where you are immune from someone bumping you. That’s normal behavior. She’d have to show that no one else bumped her at anytime of the evening, which is impossible. Read more

Jun 9 2015

I don’t know Tom, I mean. I am afraid here at Deadspin to say what I think without repercussion. I mean, I get the ESPYs are just famewhoring anyways. I do think reasonable people (not necessarily just Bob Costas) have legit hesitations about hoisting Caitlyn up so unequivocally. I’m sorry :( Read more

Apr 16 2015

Holy crap. I clicked on the video and knew exactly where she is at (sign me up to be an investigative reporter, ESPN. I have a college degree, am in good shape, have all my teeth, and live in an apartment). Before everyone absolutely rags on Britt here, let me play devil’s advocate for just one second.
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Mar 9 2015

I don't understand why Mr. Butthurt in Oregon thinks CarFax should have to give money to someone for a problem that's entirely CAPTCHA's doing, and probably a computer-generated accident at that.