Ash Vs. Evil Dead cruises by the halftime mark with clear eyes and full body parts


Time flies when you’re having fun—and by fun, we mean, dodging sperm samples to the sounds of a-ha, itching at Deadite skin lesions, and shoving bowling balls up a dead woman’s crotch. Even so, we’re still only halfway through the third season of Ash Vs. Evil Dead, which means we have five more episodes to add to all…

Ash Vs. Evil Dead dives head first into the past to resolve some "Unfinished Business"


To say there are skeletons in the closet for Ash Williams (Bruce Campbell) is an understatement. The guy has so many ancient demons lingering around that it’s almost impossible for him to finish a can of Shemp’s without having to reach for his chainsaw. But, the same could be said of Ash Vs. Evil Dead, too, especially…

Brandy gets a whole lotta Daddy issues on a bloody good Ash Vs. Evil Dead


“Some people just don’t treat family with enough respect,” Ruby (Lucy Lawless) says as she resurrects our favorite chlamydia-soured sperm donor, Brock Williams’ (Lee Majors). It’s one of a dozen hammy lines she’s given in the episode, but it carries a little more weight for “Apparently Dead,” a spirited half hour that…