Michael Harriot
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May 30

You left out The Boston Busing riots of the 70's. The death and injury of two men in December of 1986 at Howard Beach NY at the hands of a mob of white teenagers. The Central Park Five’s bullshit conviction in 1989 and a certain Editorial by a fat, repulsive, sexual predator in The NY Times. The murder of Yusef Read more

May 1

What we have here is a whole lotta people that have heard No too little. Oh, I’m sure they think they’ve heard no, but they just haven’t had to live with the nos that they have been told. Read more

Mar 26

Unless we have 100 million test kits, millions of extra masks, gloves, hundreds of thousands extra ventilators, millions of open hospital beds and free personnel, the idea of reopening the country is ludicrous. Many places are already reaching capacity WITH the lockdowns. Experts can’t even make informed decisions Read more

Dec 28

“I am not white and I am not black, what I am is a mixed race person of many races” Read more

Nov 7

You joke, but “Other Peoples’ Business—Get in there!” is one of the best motivational seminars going.

Oct 18

Look, when diabetes, heart disease and cancer call me a “nigger” or makes me feel unsafe in my own home or denies me a job or...we can’t talk, Scooby, ya dig? When diabetes, heart disease and cancer are paid with my tax dollars to protect me and literally kill me, instead, we might have a discussion. Read more

Jul 25

It fell apart at the end; “...acting like a bunch of entitled little twats.” No black person has ever said the word “twat.”