Michael Ann Dobbs
Sep 6

It also detracts from the feminist message of the film. The message to young girls in the original was: you too could be a strong warrior if you work hard (and with a little cleverness). Now, the message is: if you’re already super-gifted at martial arts from birth, you can be a strong warrior. It’s no longer “girls Read more

Sep 5

In a deviation from the animated movie, Mulan doesn’t become a gifted warrior through the course of her training so much as gradually reveals her latent powers. Read more

Sep 3

The Chronicles of Prydain deserve so much better.

Sep 3

It was a Chinese production that cast a famous white actor so that the movie would get a worldwide release (and, hey, it worked!). The movie was also accused of the white savior trope, except that Matt Damon plays a totally ineffectual and useless character in a movie that was otherwise essentially glorified Chinese Read more

Aug 27

Yeah it is pretty bad. I cant recall who was relating the story (I think it was a young black lawyer?), but the gist of it was that one of their college professors started talking about the Tulsa Massacre - and he is freaking out trying to raise his hand to say that it is impossible, he is FROM Tulsa - and had never Read more

Aug 27

There are aspects of social distancing—the six foot rule, masks In public, and the features highlighted In this article—that I hope stay In place long after the virus has diminished. Only being a allowed to appear In public In disguise has been a true boon to my mental health If Im being totally honest.

Aug 10

Or the thing that made Rome so wildly successful for 400 years- incredibly low standards for gaining citizenship. In fact the tightening of these restrictions resulted in a failure to fully assimilate the various Germanic peoples into the empire and the sacking of Rome itself. Read more

Aug 10

If other republicans I’ve talked to are any indication, he’d argue that he really needed it and his situation was different, seems to be the go to reasoning whenever they’re massive hypocrites.

Jul 31

As soon as it’s available for me to get it I’m getting it. I get the flu vaccine as soon as it’s available, too. I don’t think there are any trials in my area, so for now I’ll wait. 

Jul 30

Gregor Samsa awakes one morning to find himself a giant cockroach. He tries to move and his exoskeleton collapses on his organs due to the square-cube rule and he dies.

Jun 24

It's frustrating because so many writers and commenters here, repeatedly say they want white people (or men of all races) to recognize their privilege, to acknowledge mistakes they've made, to learn, and to do better. But when those people actually do those things, we still tear them to shreds. Over the past month, Read more

Jun 9

My 2 sisters and I had to share a backseat of a Vega with one of those (with my cousin in it) while we drove from southern Ohio to NYC. Oof!

Jun 8

I have been thinking about this a lot and am wondering out loud: What if we stopped arrests for non-violent crimes, like altogether? Just have the cops come and give you a ticket for your court date and that’s that. No arrest. No going to jail or bail or anything but it’s on you to show up or then maybe a warrant is Read more

May 21

Holy shit, had to do a triple take when i saw my sister and brother-in-law on the front page of Gizmodo. i thought i was starting to lose it in this pandemic. this is awesome to see!

Apr 15

I never liked this idea from the start because it basically says that all those teachers we need to appreciate and give our gratitude to are women.

Apr 2

It's just whole milk

Mar 19

Hats off to you for doing society’s heavy-lifting.  

Mar 19

As an ICU nurse trying to stay calm in the middle of a panic-fest, this is just what I needed. Thanks!