Nov 19

Liking cars does not mean you have to like vaguely racist, quite imperialist ‘entertainment’ that has not evolved in any way since 2005 or so.

Nov 13

The flawed democrat bailout plan, which many people say is a complete disaster, cruelly left out the Russian troll farms who are struggling badly during with COVID even though its just about to go away. We can’t make America great again without them. Sad!

Nov 13

This.  Ask Liberia for your fucking bailout money.  

Nov 12

This. They registered overseas to avoid things like those pesky tax and labor laws. So they can kiss off with the whines that we aren’t bailing them out. Go talk to the countries they are registered in. 

Nov 12

When you live in salt country, *everything* has rust issues.

Oct 7

Were people in those yoga pants?  Asking for a current world leader who has an affinity for grabbing things.

Oct 4

I can kind of see where you’re coming from on this. I think the draw is in doing something very few other people do that transcend the boundaries of expectation, but I imagine it comes down to the kind of person you are. I’ve had a lot of wild shit sprung on me in my life and a lot of adventure that I definitely Read more

Oct 1

Because us typing that we want it, and our wallet backing that claim, tend to be two wildly different things with car enthusiasts.

Sep 18

I will never begrudge anyone enjoying themselves on the road (or off) in any wheeled vehicle, no matter how many wheels— hell, I owned (and loved!) a Can-Am Spyder for five years! Read more