Feb 21 2017

Ideally I’d be in a cabin in the middle of nowhere with no one to hear but the occasional plane. But not having to always wear either ear plugs or headphones is pretty darn nice.

Feb 17 2017

Yeah, this is VERY misleading, in that it does show photos that are NOT public. I panicked when I did the search on myself because there were photos marked “Only Me” for privacy settings. However, at the top of the page is this disclaimer:

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Feb 15 2017

UGH, I totally have Konmari regrets. No, that ecru camisole didn’t bring me joy, per se, but it was a great base layer that I now need to replace. Same with the yellow cardigan. Joy and usefulness are not always the same thing

Feb 15 2017

Can we just call tiny houses what they actually are... trailers?

Feb 9 2017

Oh my gosh! I’d love to do that kind of work. I worked with kids for two decades... this must be such interesting and fufilling work :)

Feb 9 2017

My wife is a ASD Program Coordinator. The level of stuff they have to do to make play areas, even just simple play rooms, is unbelievable. And it’s only going to grow as an industry!

Feb 9 2017

Landscape Architect here. It was really a surprise to me when speaking with one of our equipment reps about what actually makes an inclusive playground, versus what my previous perception was (aka, equipment with a wheelchair ramp).

Feb 9 2017

I design equipment and themes for the playground market and some of my work has involved Accessible Playgrounds. Mostly that revolves around wheelchair access and basic mobility (Rise and run of ramps, turning circles, step heights, etc). To get into a truly “Inclusive” playground is a whole different level of Read more

Feb 3 2017

If he and his team can lie about everything all day long, we get to keep bigly.

Jan 22 2017

That’s great, but as they say, it still doesn’t matter in terms of narrative incoherency if it’s not in the movie itself and revealed to the audience in the piece itself. Read more

Dec 28 2016

The post-truth era in a nutshell. “There’s no evidence she did this but I feel like she did and that’s good enough”