Meher Ahmad
Aug 1 2013

Netflix recently removed all seasons of Home Movies. Life is meaningless now.

Jul 24 2013

I always thought some guys are just so clumsy that they're always tripping and falling into random vaginas. Is that not a thing?

Jul 11 2013

The unfettered leg holes are symbolic of the places mens' cocks take them.

Jul 10 2013

Bobby won the mayoral seat after Dorset's annual Taste of Dorset Festival, where attendees can vote as many times as they want with $1 ballots... Read more

Jul 8 2013

*gets out of bed* *puts on shirt* *immediately takes off shirt to shower*

Jul 3 2013

You had a crush on Mark Zuckerberg?

Jul 3 2013

One time this guy texted me inviting me to Raymour & Flanigan to buy materials for his conceptual sculpture. Part of the text read, "Entering the realm of fluorent lights impedes my ability to cohere as an individual" and when I read it out loud my friend started dry-heaving in a bush. Read more

Jun 26 2013

This is my friend Shannon (on the right) and her wife Liberty! They got married on Friday on the steps of the SC (obviously!) They are happy and in love and I'm so very happy for them!