Meghan Moravcik Walbert
Meghan is Lifehacker's Parenting Editor. She is a former newspaper journalist, an award-winning parenting writer, and author of the Foster Parent Diary Series for the New York Times.
Wednesday 11:41PM

I self-discovered this 5 years ago when 3rd shift was taking it’s toll on my mentally. I always start with a dog on a unicycle juggling. Sometimes he’s at the circus, sometimes the boardwalk, sometimes a mall, then I go from there. 

Wednesday 8:57PM

I’ll dream up imaginary worlds and when trying to sleep spend time developing them. What would they look like? What kind of people would live there? Would they have advanced technology or mystical powers? And I borrow liberally ideas I live from movies or shows or video games. It’s my head, my playground, so nobody Read more

Wednesday 4:23PM

i’d be unable to use this for the “deliberate thinking” point mentioned in the article, but thinking of rainy days or overcast beaches seems to help. it’s weather and scenery i already find comforting, but also, the gray-ness of it seems to clear my head. this is pretty close to what i imagine:

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Wednesday 4:21PM

I pack my backpack. As a backcountry hiker and camper, everything I need has to fit in the pack tightly and meet weight. Sometimes I’ll start with the little stuff on the hip belt and then to the inside, and sometimes I’ll go in reverse. I hardly ever finish packing my backpack.

Wednesday 3:38PM

Comcast/Xfinity provides an app which lets you control what devices have wifi access, and set time limits and/or manually pause/unpause access by device. For my 8-year old there’s a lot less drama when he has to take a break because “the internet is down” (I have paused his tablet/switch/etc.), versus me telling him Read more

Tuesday 11:34AM

Another great resource to explore this topic is the book “The Blank Slate: The Modern Denial of Human Nature” by Steven Pinker. It argues against the blank slate theory, that kids can be molded by their parents, and there is evidence that the vast majority of their personality is determined by genetics. Also, it says Read more

Monday 2:33PM

Oof, the discipline/punish distinction is so hard to communicate about. I’ve had so many conversations to the effect of: Read more

Monday 2:28PM

There’s no shame in making important topics accessible. Unless there’s something you find particularly objectionable about the way one of the topics is handled, you shouldn’t assume that listicles are universally assumed to be inherently fluffy and unserious. Like it or not, people get information from all kinds of Read more

Monday 2:21PM

So you’re fine giving your kid a negative label, but you bristle at having one applied to you? You might want to think about that one a bit.

Monday 1:35PM

I do agree with you, but this slideshow-listicle has really nailed some important messages that some people may find incredibly helpful today. And most of us don’t have the time to read Jesper Juul or Steve Biddulph or others regularly.

Monday 1:12PM

I’ve been doing this a while as just a way to keep them (a 2 and 3 year old) busy. They absolutely love pouring and would always ask for real water or tea in their tea set. So I finally gave in. I used an old plastic tray and gave them a bottle of water to use to fill their teapot and cups. Also handed them two little Read more

6/11/21 5:07PM

Another thing about the Great Wall of China that most people apparently don’t’s not a single long wall. It is a series of various defenses put up at different times over a period of ~2000 years.

6/09/21 12:22PM

This is the best thing I’ve seen in a long time! I have found that most advice is bad advice. However, that chunk of wisdom above is solid gold. It makes me want to go outside and build something! There is pride and accomplishment in that kind of work and he articulates it beautifully! Thanks Meghan for sharing this.

6/09/21 9:43AM

Some people have nothing to contribute, so they make these types of arguments. Daniel understood your meaning, which, in my humble opinion, is of greater value than following arbitrary and archaic rules.

6/09/21 4:10AM

Is it as simple as “X and I” should always be replaceable with “we,” and “X and me” should always be replaceable with “us”? “Can you save a spot for we” and “us are going to be late” don’t make sense. (Also, I had no idea before this article where to place commas and periods in relation to quotation marks, so thank Read more

6/08/21 6:02PM

Learning another language that changes noun and adjective endings depending on case makes this all dramatically easier. But I don’t recommend it as a way to improve English grammar. I learned Russian, which has five different cases and the endings of both nouns and adjectives change depending on case. English feels Read more

6/08/21 2:33PM

Glad to see this. I am far from a grammar fascist—I’ll split as many infinitives as I like thank you and just try to stop me from ending a sentence with a preposition—but this is the one thing that irritates me every time

6/08/21 2:24PM

This was incorrectly hammered into I by enough teachers as a kid that it took a while to relearn it. Read more

6/08/21 10:45AM

I hope you have the support you needed to get through all of this as well. My daughter is 5, and we start therapy tomorrow. Not because she is out of control or depressed, but because I want her to have the right tools to cope. Her tantrums and aggression were a LOT this pandemic. I also held her back, because her Read more