Meg Brett
Meg is a Social Media Manager at Onion, Inc. and manages daily content and operations for all A.V. Club and Takeout social accounts along with Julia Nelson.
Aug 6 2018

Donnie would probably say he couldn’t play because his bone spurs were acting up.

Aug 5 2018

Queens do not ascend to the throne by hemming or hawing.

Jun 26 2018

I highly recommend Seattle Cider Co. if you are looking for a hard cider that doesn’t taste like alkipop.  Of their year-round selection the Dry and Basil Mint are my favorites.  If you can get your hands on their Limited Three Pepper bottles that’s also worth trying.

Jun 25 2018

Cider is delicious! Spanish ciders are also excellent, but sometimes more difficult to find. My go-to is Michigan Brut by Virtue and you should be able to find that at nearly any Jewel. I got some Apple Pinot Grigio by Pacific Coast Cider at Whole Foods this weekend, and it was surprisingly good. If you’re in Chicago, Read more

Jun 25 2018

I’d also suggest Graft ciders. They have a ton of different styles that are all clean and very tart/dry. The original (Farm Flor) tastes a little like apple cider vinegar, but delicious and super drinkable (unlike ACV :) ). Read more

Jun 25 2018

I have two cider recommendations: 2 Towns Cider is fantastic, and their Made Marion (made with marionberries) actually convinced me to start drinking ciders.

Also, Trader Joe’s (if you have one) has a french cider (look for a 750 mL bottle that says “Cidre Brut” on it) that is fantastic and only $4 a bottle.  

Jun 25 2018

I find that French ciders, or cidre, to be more than up for the task. They’re not super-sweet, they’re not overly fizzy and, unlike a lot of other ciders out there, they use dedicated cider apples to make their stuff. My personal favourite right now is La Chouette Rose (which gets a big nod for having the cutest Read more

Jun 25 2018

I second the recommendation for hopped cider — it sounds like a terrible idea, but it works well. Read more

Apr 27 2018

Fuck. Yes. My copy arrives in the mail today. And it’s my birthday to boot. Happy birthday to me.

Apr 20 2018

I’ve been a runner for nearly 20 years of my life, and I’ve logged around 20,000 miles in that time, on roads, grass, trails, beaches, you name it. And unlike nearly every murder mystery or episode of Law & Order, I have not once found a dead body.

Apr 20 2018

Go ahead and laugh but that guy now has a 6 picture deal with Blumhouse.

Apr 19 2018

Fun fact, My Cousin Vinny is actually shown in law schools because of how accurate its depiction of a criminal trial is.

Apr 10 2018

I see. So I’ve got them exactly where they should be.

Feb 8 2018

You’re what happens when all deleted Kinja comments metastasize and attain sentience.