Meg Brett
Meg is a Social Media Manager at Onion, Inc. and manages daily content and operations for all A.V. Club and Takeout social accounts along with Julia Nelson.
Jul 3 2018

Hell yeah. Congrats, Kate! And thank you for giving me some solid cider advice.

Jun 25 2018

Oh thank you. I do enjoy wine. I’ll check Wolffer Estate ciders!

Jun 25 2018

I’m honestly not too sure why beers make me feel like shit. I don’t think it’s a gluten thing because I eat bread and am fine. But have a couple of beers and the next day it feels like I’ve had 7 whiskey shots.

Apr 19 2018

If by “define” we’re talking films that had a great impact on me at the time I first saw them, then: Read more

Apr 11 2018

That is fair. I think it’s because I’ve had so much Raising Canes in my life and their fries are perfect for eating as much of their amazing made-in-house sauce as possible.

Sep 7 2017

To whoever said Eric “doesn’t have the charisma and attitude you need,” he is literally a motivational speaker.