Megan Reynolds
Managing Editor, Jezebel
4:57 PM

Doing a peel (or just regular preventative maintenance with a foot file) won’t make the thicker, tougher areas of the soles of your feet suddenly thin and delicate like the skin of your inner arm. It just removes the crusty, ugly, potentially-cracked-and-painful outer layer of dead skin cells. The part that looks Read more

3:32 PM

Sorry, but I will never feel the same way about vegan cheese that I do about these thighs and I’m fine with that!

2:13 PM

I don’t have anything made with leather or canvas. I have a degree in art history, an eye for design and I’ve been collecting 50ies pieces for years. I know what I’m doing, but thank you for mansplaining something I’m an expert at

5:02 PM

I’m proud to provide this photo as a public service to Jezspin.

1:34 PM

Thanks for the review. I think a lot of the commenters here are missing the point. I am grateful for his work, but what Ronan Farrow went through in this process is just not as important as what the actual women who were victimized by Weinstein went through. So I’m not going to waste my time reading his story! I Read more

10:02 AM

Yup, I’m fine! Just sharing my honest thoughts on this celebrity and the body neutrality movement on the blog that I work for, which has a history of writing critically about pop culture feminism and celebrities, that you’re currently reading. Seems self-explanatory to me. Read more

12:34 PM

The show really is very interactive with the crowd. The drama is the best part of it all. The best comparison, as you said, is The Real Housewives. Bethany, to me, has always been the real star of the show (I hate watch the shit out of her). And I do the same with so many characters in wrestling. So, when, say The Read more

4:31 PM

I loooooove home improvement shows and I look forward to adding this one to the rotation. Backyard shows are great because they all look different. A lot of the time people put in the same white kitchen with marble countertops and the same white subway tile bathroom with a glass shower and repurposed cabinet for the Read more

1:36 PM

TOTALLY AGREE! I think we sometimes confuse ‘hot with limited range’ as ‘deep person with magnificent understanding of the human psyche’.