Megan Reynolds
Managing Editor, Jezebel
Jul 2

I’d also like to note that press-on nails have been on sale at Duane Reade for the duration of the pandemic, and have only recently been marked back up to their regular price!

May 15

Her politics are garbage and she’s also a bad person, but in the realm of this show, she’s refreshing, idc!

May 5

i agree, but they blurred it to protect the identity of this very bad kindergartner

Apr 10

OH MY GOD YOU’RE RIGHT, I still maintain that I am ALSO right, but this is correct, too. 

Mar 25

Embarrassed to admit that the past two weeks, I have basically forgotten that I had a body in the first place, but realizing that one could draw a self-portrait with a fingernail on my calf, I have changed my tune. 

Mar 20

Failed to mention that the cats have a toy that is basically a rattle and love to send it careening down the hallway; also failed to mention that the boy cat slams his great weight into my closed bedroom door every night for at least ten minutes, howling. 

Mar 6

I am less of a tyrant about it than the other person I live with, who will trail after a guest saying “Shoes off... shoes off...” until they hear her. 

Feb 9

Laura Dern got an Oscar for playing a diff version of Renata from the lying show