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i would be telling a lie if i said i didnt almost buy that skirt, but then i was like.... no..... where am i going... nowhere??? and then exercised restraint!

Technically, Travis and Davidson are one in the same!!

Great point, lol, but I was envisioning, you know... something wobbly. I was bad at geometry!!

This was my biggest issue!!! It made no sense!!! 

Not that I necessarily need to clarify, but what I was getting at is that when I write Dirtbag, I generally try to avoid anything about the Beverly Hills women, because that’s not a show that I routinely watch, but I’m aware that a lot of the coverage I write, as well as my colleagues who do Dirtbag, covers the Read more

Nacho, bless him, is a demon who cannot be photographed reliably or attractively, if my mother’s Instagram account and my own personal experience with Nacho is any evidence. (it is)

lol, no but i’ll take it just the same!

You’re absolutely right about the bikini, fwiw, it “fits” but I gave it to my sister who will be able to wear it in a way that does not look like she’s being strangled!

I actually think she does, because I think that Ben is the ultimate fixer upper and something about J-Lo makes me believe that in three years that man will have that thing removed at her bidding!!

Thanks for letting me know so politely, I really appreciate it. 

corrected, i apologize. thanks

i’m hoping that this is just my flesh needing to develop its usual carapace, but ideally.... it hurries up!

Katie Jane Hughes, a makeup artist I love and adore, uses stretch concealer all over her face with a big brush, but i’m bad at foundation, and can use this concealer without any other base makeup, fwiw.

Honestly, I have been knotting all of my t-shirts at the waist and exposing a sliver of flesh in the hopes that it looks good, and generaly, it sort of does? Otherwise, I’m about to start leaving the house in a sports bra as a top, because i have a very short torso. I hear that the Everlane boxy cropped tee or Read more