'Maybe It's Just a Bad Movie': A Lion and a Lamb Watch Twilight 10 Years After Its Release

In 2008, when Twilight first hit theaters, I (Hazel Cills) was a teenager and thus unfortunately the movie’s target audience. In fact, I was there opening night, in a theater of squealing teenage girls who shouted either “Team Edward!” (for those who crush on vampires) or “Team Jacob!” (for those who crush on…

Why Didn't This Woman's Husband Help Her When She Gave Birth in the Front Seat of their Freaking Car? 

A healthy and successful childbirth is a miracle or a fact of life depending on who you’re asking, but this childbirth we’re about to discuss is miraculous for the mere fact that the woman giving birth in the front seat of a moving vehicle didn’t murder her partner for filming the entire thing and not pulling over.