MC Brainz
6/03/21 9:53AM

I can’t believe I found my favorite i09 feature on the new crappy page layout of Gizmodo. Hooray for me. Read more

5/29/21 1:09PM

Sorry, didn’t read the article. I’m just here to continuously express my distaste for the io9 website format change. Not going to be mean about it. Just asking that it please be changed back. 

5/22/21 7:28PM

I absolutely love Sucker Punch and can acknowledge that it’s an awful film.

5/14/21 6:42PM

And I was so looking forward to Barrowman’s Big Finish.

4/21/21 8:39PM

If there’s something strange
In your neighborhood
Who you gonna call?
Mindhunter! Read more

4/17/21 11:49AM

Cant wait until they have like a black half-elf or some shit and nerds start burning down Wholefoods in protests.  Also please let it be good. All 5 seasons of it I cant handle another GoT

11/06/20 2:01PM

How has she damaged her brand? She literally only spoke biological science. Did you know Trans women don’t have periods?! Because they were men and don’t produce eggs or get pregnant?! OH GOD THE HORROR, HOW DARE I SPEAK SCIENCE.

10/27/20 12:35AM

On a meta level the DCEU is way more like comic books than the MCU could ever hope to be. Firing a creative team before a run is over and replacing them with disastrous results, straight ignoring or retconning canon on the fly, bringing back fired creative teams to right previous narrative wrongs, completely ignoring Read more