MC Brainz
5/08/21 2:03AM

“...he forgets his jacket, his nose starts running and some asshole, instead of giving him a Kleenex, he calls him ‘Snot’. So he’s Snot forever. Doesn’t seem fair.” Read more

10/14/20 7:13AM

Absolutely. Had to look it up because I knew it was a season opener but couldn’t have been season 1. Love that episode.

10/03/20 4:57AM

It’s weird that they said Craig was an “early iteration” of Bond, then made him world-weary and grimdark

10/03/20 4:56AM

Upvoted for the perfect - see what I did there? - description of Yvonne Strahovski

4/13/20 1:59PM

Not a fan of Zendaya, but otherwise, it’s a great cast.

3/20/20 2:20AM

Agree. Also, Cersei. Completely different from the book, where her slow descent into madness is something I’m looking forward to.

And the Sansa/Littlefinger arc is vastly different.

Just to add 2 more.

1/14/20 7:28AM

I’ll do you one better: “What is hell that guy?”

1/08/20 10:23AM

Yeah somewhere on Jezebel they just said Rachel Bilson (Summer from the OC) is fucking Bill Hader’s pasty giant-forehead comic who used to be on SNL, so um, yeah. Read more

12/25/19 12:32AM

Coogler and team spent most of their time in “Africa” in Johannesburg and Cape Town. I’m a Ugandan and that film was nonsense.

Not to mention the constant condensing of the whole of our diverse continent into some one-note monochromatic mass.

7/07/19 1:58PM

While I loved the season, I do agree with some of your points. Especially anything underground (apart from Erica). Seeing Dustin and Erica out-running and knocking over Russian military commandos was eye-rollingly bad.

Hopper was also overly aggressive everytime he was on screen. Guess to subvert the “tender” moment Read more

5/30/19 2:41PM

Is Mallory-as-AI a play on Mu-th-ur, the AI from the Alien movie? That was my first thought when I watched.

5/23/19 4:35AM

My reading of it was that there were five Westerosi shows in development and three are still moving ahead. Then George has 2 other shows in development. I think there were rumours of Fevre Dream and Captain Cosmos. See link here.

5/22/19 1:35AM

Singer isn't part of this one. Kinberg is writer and director.