Matthew Allen
Matthew Allen is a Brooklyn-based music journalist and television producer. His work can be found in Ebony, Jet, The Village Voice, Red Bull Music Academy, Wax Poetics and on BRIC TV.
12:12 PM

This was such a true and important article and I appreciated the historical perspectives on African Americans who should have won Grammy Awards. Read more

11:14 AM

Like I said yesterday,what I would love to see is every major Black artist skip the Grammys. They don’t even have to say why they are skipping it. Just don’t show up. Don’t perform. Just nothing. Read more

10:59 AM

This is crazy comprehensive 👏🏾. The point about MJ making a lot of creative decisions with Thriller for that recognition is... uncomfortable, given how far it moved away from the traditional black RnB on Off The Wall, but also because it’s not enough anymore. I know Bey pushed herself with similar, but definitely Read more

10:55 AM

By my count Taylor Swift has as many Album of The Year Grammys as the entire hip hop genre. So no.

9:47 PM

Saw Esperanza on the current tour. Amazing. However, she was a diva afterwards re the meet and greet. Took nearly an hour to emerge and was pretty icy. I still love her but that was disappointing.

7:12 PM

I saw her last year for this tour and it was sublime. She’s a such a force and has such a strong presence to her. Thanks for this interview and I will definitely be on the look out for her new projects.