Marton Borlay
The Marciverse awaits
Oct 25

So, is it a sufficient solution to just type the return of getNonAdSlideIndex as a Maybe number, to account for the undefined case? That way I don’t have to remember to refine the type, flow will warn me.

Mar 25 2019

Given that my current Switch tends to overheat with extended sessions of Civ 6, I might be tempted with the souped up model.
But I want tech specs before I come to any definite decision.
You have my curiosity, Nintendo.
Now to see if you’ll capture my attention...

Mar 25 2019

maybe they’ll basically have three models:

Handheld Switch
Hybrid Switch
Home Switch

Would be pretty intense to maintain 3 completely different forms, but heck if they’re already planning on having 3 different SKUs, why not.

Mar 25 2019

Yeah the powerful version is probably the same form factor as the normal switch to keep labo compatibility. so normal switch is probably being replaced. I bet it has a higher resolution screen for vr.

Jan 30 2019

They should be done, but I doubt it. Too many people (including lots of people I know) rely far too much on Facebook to suddenly abandon them over this.