Maura Johnston
9:55 AM

Fuck that. Both him and his running mate had no problem fear mongering all day every day about Obama during that campaign. He fed directly into the mindset that led to people saying crazy shit where he then had to “defend” Obama. I’m not sure anything led the right wing fear machine that led to Trump as much as that Read more

1:09 AM

I got into a whole thing the other day with someone on here who defended McCain as a “vociferous opponent of Trump,” then when I posted the link to the same FiveThirtyEight article in Blest’s post demonstrating McCain’s 80%+ voting record along Trump lines, took the argument elsewhere entirely. McCain occasionally Read more

11:49 PM

Actually he insulted Arabs by association when he stated that Obama was a “decent man” (and not an Arab) and you don’t get credit for telling a crazy person they’re wrong. Sorry.

10:50 PM

I get that and support you but at the same time. You don’t get awards or medals for being a f-ing decent human being. You just are and you push to make the world decent. Read more

10:33 PM

That’s ridiculous McCain spent months using dog whistles would would bring the lady to say what she did. And continued to do it long after. The only thing he was truly admonishing his voters for was saying it so direct, something he was always afraid to do. McCain was as nearly devoted to ‘decorum’ as Obama was, only Read more

10:06 PM

I get that it would have been easy for him to not challenge that question, and that a lot of the company he willingly chose to keep, align himself with, select as a running mate, and vote as a bloc with for the entire rest of his career would’ve taken it and run with it.

But here’s the thing. His response to that Read more

1:06 PM

And the answer is always, “We want it done fast AND right.” Which shows how truly stupid most people in management are.

6:55 PM

I guess the problem is that now the entire world has several online platforms where everyone can band together and discuss (criticize, bash, demonize) the person in question - on the one hand, now the whisper network is less of a whisper... on the other hand, sure, I can see why a mob mentality is distressing when the Read more

11:56 AM

The only part of “Christianity” they are into is the part about feeding people to the lions. Big surprise, they can’t even get that part right either.

11:43 AM

The GOP and its voters (all of half ass wafflers don’t get excused by being “fiscally conservative but socially liberal”) goal is racial, class, ethnic, and religious genocide. Every single policy they propose is just works to further that goal. No matter how small it may seem it’s part of a patchwork of Read more

11:17 AM

I think it’s about time we start asking republicans what they really mean by great and/or Christian when they talk about the United States. Read more

11:08 AM

It’s depressing to say how much sense this makes me, because I was wondering how the Republicans would justify taking money away from big box retailers like Wal-Mart. That didn’t jive with their usual MO. Using it to set a precedent of “we’re serious about cutting funding here,” though, does. Read more

11:05 AM

2019: After suspending Senate rules in order to pass the Beg Us For Food Act, families have started to file complaints about the kinds of food handed out in the nation’s new “Poor Lines.” One couple, after receiving their Meal Box, was surprised to find a family of live ferrets inside, raising many questions about the Read more

2:00 PM

Flanagan also defended Aziz Ansari like it was a job, so there you go.

8:46 PM

Yet another interview wherein he gives no examples, AND this one makes it pretty clear he’s mostly just concerned about getting his work honed for the best joke. Read more

1:02 PM

I always thought Tim Allen sucked because he’s utterly lame and not funny, not because he’s a conservative.