Our $5 Billion Satellite Spy Agency Can't Hire a Sign Language Interpreter Because of Trump's Hiring Freeze

They’re in charge of keeping an eye on the entire planet with the most advanced imaging technology in the world, and they have an estimated annual budget of at least $5 billion. But right now they have a position for a sign language interpreter that they’re not allowed to fill. Why? Because Donald Trump’s federal…

Facebook's Head of AI Says Not to Worry Because Society 'Prevents Evil From Having Infinite Power'

Yesterday, Facebook’s head of artificial intelligence, Yann LeCun, said that humans have nothing to fear regarding artificial intelligence potentially harming humanity. Why’s that? “We have a lot of checks and balances built into society to prevent evil from having infinite power,” LeCun said. Is that so, Mr. LeCun?


Social Media Cries 'Fake News' After Reuters Pulls Story About Jared Kushner in Iraq [Updated: Reuters Confirms Kushner in Iraq]

Jared Kushner has a lot on his plate right now. As a senior advisor (and son-in-law) to President Trump, Kushner is heading the new White House Office of American Innovation, engaging in diplomatic talks with China, and is even visiting Iraq right now. But that last fact was thrown into question overnight as Reuters…