Matt Novak
Matt Novak is a senior writer at Gizmodo and founder of

Thank you Matt. I have always appreciated your commentary and I am glad you are carrying on with Paleofuture!
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Thanks, Matt. I wish you the best for your new direction, and I hope that you get to write what you want and not what the editors (incorrectly) thought had to be pumping out endlessly repetitive, meaningless articles per day about Elon Musk, crypto, obvious PR advertisements pretending to be articles and not Read more

Thank you for putting it on the table and cutting it up a bit, so to speak. I knew parts of the scheme but didn’t realize how billions and loads of investors/investments were being shell gamed for several years to and fro. I guess my only question revolves around how did they let it go on so long, waiting for it to Read more

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I figured Ellison was flipping when someone photographed her in NYC about a block from the FBI field office. Especially after Bankman-Fried tried to shift the blame on her during his ‘mia culpa’ interview and puff piece tour.

The perfect response. Also, great article. A lot here that I wasn’t aware of.
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There’s pretty sound economic rules and a long history that says simply printing money with no hard backing just ain’t going to work. So where does the surprise part come in with crypto? Then add in that you’re digital wallet is more likely to get cleaned out by North Korea long before you get a chance at collecting Read more

‘Own what you’re really doing and people will have a little more respect for you.’ Read more

Imagine paying $44b just to publicly humiliate yourself on a near daily basis. Read more

At least he can’t run for president. Read more

Yup, It’s like if someone made fun of Zuckerberg in a Messenger group and he turned it off for the whole planet. Read more

Wow, what a fucking snowflake. This twat is the very parody of a right wing douchebag. If you made him up Nazis would accuse you of strawmanning... but here he is, in the flesh, the living incarnation of MAGA to take the Angry Toddler’s torch. Read more

so wait, let me get this straight. he killed the whole feature? wow. Read more

the Nashville Coop food company in St. Paul Read more

The funny thing is that Smucker is complaining about using a “bite” but theirs doesn’t even look like a bite, it looks like a curved cut was made to show what’s inside. Read more

It seems laughable that a trademark could be issued for the shape of a food item. There are competitors to Hostess Fruit Pies, Ding Dongs and even Oreos. Maybe simply burn or mold the trademarked Smuckers logo onto the top & bottom of the “sandwich” to eliminate confusion for the poor, dumb humans who ignore it on the Read more

This is unbelievable. It’s time to put a stop to big jelly. Read more

Elon has made clear he believes all his supporters are real people and all his opponents are bots. No amount of evidence will convince him otherwise.  Read more