Matt Novak
Matt Novak is the editor of Gizmodo's Paleofuture blog
6 realize all of those people in the video are being forced to work, right? Every one of them will be in contact with thousands of people everyday. Or does the working-class not matter to you?


“In Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and many other countries, SCHOOLS ARE OPEN WITH NO PROBLEMS,” President Trump tweeted on Tuesday.
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Jul 8

That dude looks like the type who has company board meetings at a local strip club.  

Jul 8

Dude...shit opinions like that are not something you need to ‘control’...why the fuck are they in your synapses in the first place.  Hope all those ‘Asian’ companies you rely on to run your business fuck you over.

Jul 6

In Canada, our national news broadcast, the CBC only says Epstein ‘died while in prison’. This is an obvious omission, because normally they would say ‘died by suicide’.
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Jul 2

Take a cue from New Zealand, President Trump. Resign and let the experts take the lead so that Americans can finally get out of this pandemic. Read more

Jul 1

A TV or film writer would have the script rejected as being too far-fetched. The reactions of fear, laughter, disbelief and disgust from our allies will be legion.

Jun 29

If only there were more statues so we could learn about these things!

Jun 29

Stuff like this is why I find a lot of American companies suddenly having a conscience recently so bs. they’ll “remove” ads from Facebook or make empty statements but will still gladly set up shop in China while this is and has been going on.

Jun 29

Any government benefits from a divided population, and minorities are often-always the odd man out from this from the ease alone. Malice is the point for those that already live in lucrative life.