Matt Novak
Matt Novak is the editor of Gizmodo's Paleofuture blog
Jul 8

I wasn’t able to verify that it was real so I didn’t include it. If you have a link to where it was posted originally I’d love to investigate, but I couldn’t find the original.

Jul 6

If the exact same set of events happened in Russia, people would say that Epstein didn’t kill himself. Given everything that’s happened under Trump, I think many Americans are slow to realize what’s currently transpiring in their country.

Jun 30

Family members in Minnesota keep telling me that most people are wearing masks there but I’m not shocked to learn that’s not the case anymore. Pure idiocy.

Jun 29

I’m sure that person would have no problem with Satanist statues in public places just as a reminder that Satanists have existed throughout history.

Jun 16

The thing is, the disease is new, but the countries who kept pleading with Americans to use masks had already been through SARS and knew that masks worked. Health experts in Hong Kong couldn’t understand why Americans didn’t want to wear masks, given the evidence: Read more

Jun 12

The guy who shot a bunch of police officers in the Bay Area recently is a particularly interesting case study in how Trump supporters are struggling with a cohesive narrative. Turns out the shooters is a U.S. Air Force sergeant associated with the far right boogaloo movement that’s trying to start a new civil war. Read more

Jun 5

They know they’re on camera. The scary thing is that they don’t care.

May 14

As long as you test extensively and contact trace, isolating all infections and making sure others don’t get infected through domestic spread. It does absolutely no good to shut down the borders if you don’t do the other steps as well. That’s why Trump’s claim that he shut down flights from China (something that Read more