Matt Hardigree
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Sep 8 2019

Thanks for the writeup. Last year Jalopnik wrote that we should make the show weirder and we listened. It gets weird!

Jul 2 2019

The H-platform LeBaron GTS with its 150hp turbo engine had a solid 50% more under the hood than the base E30 or E28 of the day, & other than being FWD (which most consumers preferred anyway) was mostly comparable to either series of BMW.

Apr 21 2017

One of my former coworkers happens to be the daughter of a former governor of Texas, and who happens to sit on the foundation board of the school named for her, which happens to have been founded with the help of Ms. Bullock, who happens to remain a close friend of this former coworker in question. Read more

Mar 27 2017

My friends were down there (Boost Works) and ran a 204 in a 2015 GT. The S550 racecar wasnt finished yet. Was Victoria better than Goliad? its certainly closer to my house than goliad is. Read more

Mar 27 2017

Pretty amazing watching this happen on the Facebook live feed.

This air strip was considered to be a vast improvement over others they’ve hosted the event at in previous years.

We built up a C7 corvette, hoping to go after the outright Corvette record but came up short when we were going to do our big run. Did 202 on

Mar 23 2017

PLEASE NOTE: For reasons too tedious to go into the Deadcast is not functioning in desktop iTunes right now. However it will work fine in the podcast app on your iPhone. This will get fixed up soon and you’ll be able to mainline the takes any way you like.

Mar 13 2017

Great story telling, Tom. There’s a nice Jean Baudrillard quote (from his slim and wonderful book America) that I like to break out for such occasions, particularly in an essay about identity: Read more