Matt Hardigree
Gawker Media's Executive Editor for Publishing Partnerships. Ex-Jalopnik EiC.
Sep 8

Thanks for the writeup. Last year Jalopnik wrote that we should make the show weirder and we listened. It gets weird!

Oct 29 2018

Ok, well, Syphon Filter is on there I guess I have to buy one. Where’s my Kinja deal?

Mar 27 2017

Beautiful photos and yeah, a step up from Goliad or wherever else it was done in the past. Sorry you came up short but at least it looks fast.

Mar 22 2017

Like a month before all of this went down I told a friend he should buy a VW TDI Golf Sport Wagon and he listened to me. Did I do him a favor or was that a bad recommendation?

Mar 21 2017

Yeah, while it’s under warranty there’s always a dealer nearby with an oil change coupon so I’m taking it there.

Mar 21 2017

They have apparently solved that problem for post MY2015 models but I’m definitely still changing the oil ahead of the service schedule.

Mar 21 2017

I bought one of these, with the CVT and the NA engine. Why? It’s a good car at a very good price. It hauls everything, it’s slow but the lower center of gravity makes it handle well enough for family-hauling. If I didn’t live in a place that gets a decent amount of snow I’d have considered the FWD CX-5, but the AWD Read more

Mar 10 2017

It’s a good question for Ballaban, I think on value the Fiat wins but apparently the new Mini Countryman is gigantic.