Indulge in weird crime shows with the Encyclopedia Of Hypothetical Police Procedurals

Police procedurals, those TV shows that follow law enforcement officials trying to solve crimes and collar criminals, have long been ubiquitous in the television landscape—just ask Law & Order creator and media overlord Dick Wolf. The popularity of this genre has ensured that the procedurals of the present and the…

The little-seen Andy Barker, P.I. was the ideal Andy Richter vehicle

Current comedy is dominated by talkers rather than listeners. For all the cultural cachet that improvisation has gained over the last couple decades, the comedy landscape is full of scene stealers: alphas like Will Ferrell or Adam Sandler who control the room with their bombastic charisma and wildfire energy.

Star Trek: Voyager’s Tim Russ wants to give you the lowdown on “Star Wars Day”

If you’re a human being with an internet connection, you’re probably well aware that today is May 4th, unofficially known as “Star Wars Day.” You’ve most likely heard countless friends and coworkers say “May the Fourth be with you.” But do you really know the meaning behind this phrase? How knowledgable are you about