matt buchanan
Jul 7 2014

So which calendar app DO you use? I've been using Fantastical and feeling pretty good about it, until I pad ten dollars for it on the iPad—then realized I never look at my calendar on an iPad because I use that when I'm not worried about what I have to do.

Oct 11 2012

The world always need more good tech writing. Most of it is filler. And most of it's terrible.

Aug 14 2012

I actually think that this post, or at least the "bias" headline/framing, is a mistake.

Jul 17 2012

I guess all hope for DICE to fix Battlefield 3's epic list of problems is now officially toast.

May 8 2012

If I could ban still people I would obliterate your account. This is exactly the kind of stuff Giz should be doing. Telling stories about people and technology.

Apr 20 2012

I'm crying into this cup of perfectly extracted Gatare Lot 11 from Kayanza Mill in North-central Burundi (a Bourbon varietal) by Handsome Roasters that was made in a v60 Size 02 with a Hario Buono Kettle using filters woven from fibers so fine Jesus Christ would use them in his toilet paper after being ground in a Read more